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May 30

More Virtual: WineLog.net

Yet another digital wine cellar. Definitely the up and coming thing these days, eh? I’ve already discussed CellarTracker, WineFetch, Logabottle, and Cork’d in previous posts.  Now, Winelog.net.

WineloglogoCellarTracker is the grand-daddy of them all. It easily exports your cellar into an incredibly detailed Excel spreadsheet. The question is, can any of the digital wine cellars import that spreadsheet into their database? Well, not so far. However, WineLog.net asked me to forward them the spreadsheet and they would see what they could do. It’s the best response I’ve had yet.

WineLog has a Web 2.0-ish interface. It’s clean and easy to use. It is missing the ability to generate reports and any sort of plausible help file or forum. They do have a responsive blog and the ability to generate RSS feeds, tags, and tag clouds. They are also doing pretty well at generating a community.

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May 26

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is pretty much synonymous with food for me. Usually that food falls into the BBQ category, but occasionally is more expansive. This is also the weekend that Cincinnati hosts their annual Taste of Cincinnati.
I haven’t attended Taste in several years. I remember the various food choices being slightly overpriced, but enjoyable. I have a hard time with the desserts. In fact, this year I plan on eating only sides and desserts. For me, every meal is just something I have to get through before I hit the dessert. Taste gives me the option to just go straight for as many desserts as possible.
Is there wine? Doubtful. Is there beer? I’m betting Bud Light unless one of the microbreweries got in on the deal. The music is usually good and the atmosphere is festive. It doesn’t compare with Taste of Chicago, but it’s all I got.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend, and try not to get sunburnt!

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May 25

It’s Paris all over again

I’m not going into detail on the results of yesterday’s re-creation of the historic Paris tasting. I am going to link you to some of the folks who do provide details. (Why re-invent the wheel?)
The original tasting in 1976 helped put California on the winemaking map. This tasting proved California still deserves it’s spot. This does not, however, put me off my current interest in learning more about French wine.
Here are some informative write-ups about the tasting:
Wine Sediments

SF Gate
Napa Valley Register

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May 24

Functional Art

And you wondered what to do with all your wine corks …


via Boing Boing

The Cork Chair by Gabriel Wiese
found at Gallery of Functional Art.

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May 22

Functional Design

A few weeks back, Jathan posted about a zig zag bottle rack that was affordable, environmentally friendly, and functional. I was intrigued by it, but discovered that I could only find it via Vincon.com, which is European. It retailed for roughly $5 USD per sheet.
Imagine my surprise when I stumbled into the wine rack this weekend?! We were at the annual Design Within Reach local warehouse sale – one of those quiet little sales that happens with little publicity. I love this sale. Last year we acquired an end table and a Herman Miller aeron chair for a steal. This year they had a couch of my dreams, which we didn’t purchase, and the wine rack, which we did. We bought it for $17/6 sheets. We bought two sets of 6 – enough to hold 2 cases.
It’s ugly until you get bottles in it. Because it’s opaque, you do need to tag your bottles (unless you like the hunt). It worked out well for us, because it can be set up in a myriad of ways and we can shrink/grow it as often as we need (horizontal or vertical). It was very tempting to run back to the sale on Sunday to buy 2 more sets of 6, but we refrained. The good news is that a lot of our wine that was "homeless" now has a home. Our wine cooler is packed (we never dreamed we’d be able to fill it) and now this is full as well. We’re expecting another case in July – guess we better drink up!

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