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Jun 30

Biltmore Estate – Blanc De Noir

Biltmore_1My first post, as a guest blogger, so please bear with me as I learn the art of the craft.

Bottle Claim: "Delicate, yet crisp… Cherry, Strawberry and Spice…"

Oddly enough, this pinot noir based sparkling wine (I’m always impressed when an American winery respects the Champagne designation, although Biltmore does add Methode Champenoise to the label) has a crisp lingering finish that channels the fruit/berry  side of Pinot. Tiny bubbles add to the nice dry taste that makes this an enjoyable stand alone beverage that reminds me of a Mimosa.

We tried this along with a nice cheese and ham quiche. The evening breakfast went very well with the light fruitiness that seems better suited for a nice relaxing evening.

The overall rating:

Let’s hope this first post works. More details later as I try to catch up on the wine blogging backup caused by too much work and too little time.


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Jun 28

WBW #23 Announced: BBQ Wines


This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday topic has been posted. Didn’t we just have a wine blogging Wednesday? Time is really moving too fast for me to keep up lately.

The topic is really quite fitting for the 4th of July holiday here in the US – BBQ wines! More specifically, I think, your favorite wine to drink with grilled hamburgers and other grilling treats. Joyfully, we’re not restricted to reds or whites. This means that we can perhaps finally hunt down a wine that works well with margarita chicken. Or maybe just a wine that works well with hamburgers slathered in bbq sauce. Either way, I’m looking forward to it.

This month’s edition is hosted by Vivi’s Wine Journal. Thanks Vivi! Should be fun!

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Jun 28

Out of Touch

Apologies for the radio silence. I just got back from a seminar in Atlanta that had nothing to with wine but did actually inspire me in my everyday job, which is rare. I promise it will wear off soon. While I was gone, I had a sauvignon blanc from Washington, but I have no idea what it was. I neglected to write it down, which is slightly out of character for me.
In the life scheme of things, work has picked up immensely through July 20, so I will be busy. Kevin has started the great nationwide job search, so that is also niggling at the back of my mind. In addition to everything, I’m a supernumerary in the Cincinnati Opera’s Tales of Hoffmann and rehearsals start up really soon.
I’m going to need wine just to relax.
I have a post up my sleeve for later today, and in the meantime, I need to catch up on all the other wine blogs out there.

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Jun 16

So tell me about Cleveland

This is utterly and truly off-topic. Well, mostly. There are a bunch of Ohio wine bloggers. It’s kind of silly how many of us there are. We are spread out across the state – Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, Dayton, Ripley …  Via Wine and Politics, I found this Frappr map of wine bloggers. Go add yourself!

I know a few of you Ohio folks check my blog occasionally, so to you, I direct my off-topic questions.
My husband is in the midst of a job search and we’re looking expand our horizons a bit. Now, my first choice, as a true Parrothead and Girl of the Beach, would be to head south as rapidly as possible and risk hurricanes for the chance at ocean, beaches, or the Southern Charm of the Carolinas. However, the headhunter seems to be concentrating on Ohio. In particular, Cleveland and Columbus. I can come up with reasons to get me to move to Columbus, mostly involving shopping. However, please enlighten me on why I might want to move to Cleveland? Growing up in Cincinnati, we made fun of Cleveland (sorry!), and I know that it had a small renaissance in the 90’s. I’m also, forgive me, a tried-and-true Steelers fan. I need shopping, wine, Opera, and Broadway Series in my life on a regular basis. If it came to choosing between a fantastic opportunity in Cleveland and remaining here, I want to know – can I survive in Cleveland?

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Jun 16

WBW#22 – Roundup

Wbwlogo_1Goodness that was quick! WBW #22 Roundup has been posted. It’s an interesting read-through, and definitely worth clicking on those links to go learn more about reds that are low in alcohol. 30 blogs participated and 33 wines reviewed.

Thanks, Tim, for hosting!

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