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Nov 15

Beers of the World

In addition to tasting an amazing amount of wine, we also attended an international beer seminar. The seminar was hosted by InBev, the distributors of the beer we tried.

The seminar was one of those lovely freebies, included with the price of admission. Of course, managing the freebie seminars was always a challenge. At one point we found ourselves in "England." We had to cut out of a Twinings tea seminar at the Tea shop one cup early in order to catch the InBev Beer Seminar at the Rose & Crown pub. Not only is the timing a challenge, but the competition to get into the seminars is fierce. Each seminar only has so many seats available. Prospective attendees line up about 2 hours before the seminar to receive a ticket. Once you have scored the magic ticket, you can wander around for an hour or so before the seminar starts. Of course, you have to return early enough to land a decent seat.

BeerThe beer seminar was held in the patio at the Rose & Crown pub on the banks of the Epcot lake. It’s really a great atmosphere for the seminar. Each table of three was given a bucket of five beers, including

  • Beck’s Premier Light
  • Brahma
  • Hoegaarden
  • Stella Artois
  • Bass

All of these are beers that are readily available in your local grocer, so I’m not sure how global these are anymore. Hoegaarden was my favorite, followed by Brahma and Bass. After the jump, find our notes on each beer.

One interesting tidbit from the seminar is the mnemonic WHY ME. WHY ME represents the ingredients in beer:
Extra stuff, such as fruit
So there you have it – beer is made from WHY ME.

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Nov 14

What a Wine-derful Time!

COPYRIGHT 2007 MICHELLE S LENTZ - Don't Steal the ImagesSo we’re back from a wine-and-food-filled vacation at the Epcot Wine and Food Festival. There was simply so much to do and see and eat and drink. We tried everything from beer to tea to wine, and all sorts of wonderful foods. Photos, such as they are, can be found on Flickr.

Once my conference ended and we ventured into Epcot the first night, we were sort of overwhelmed. The food at the festival booths is tapas sized, so that you can both spend more money and try more things. Each portion runs anywhere from $1.50 to $5.50. That first night, Kevin tried a few different items, whereas I observed the various offerings and waited for my perennial favorite, France.

Thursday we went to the Magic Kingdom, but by Thursday night, we were ready to hit the wine bar at the Festival Center. From there, we started our evening in Canada and tried to work our way towards the center of the Epcot world.

Friday was spent at Sea World, which is a wonderful and relaxing break from the behemoth that is Disney. Friday evening we headed back to Epcot and again started in Canada.

Saturday we played in Epcot, all day, but headed back to our room around 3 pm. We returned to Epcot that evening, as we had tickets to the amazing Party of the Senses. The Party was a food, entertainment, and wine extravaganza, and one to which I’m sure we’ll return.

Sunday we attended a Wine School, led by Doug Frost, MS, MW. The day-long seminar was about Spanish wines.

Over the next few days, I’ll be extracting tasting notes and experiences from our notebooks and posting them on the blog. The Wine School and Party of the Senses will each merit an individual post. I had hoped to blog my impressions each night; instead, I fell into bed exhausted. There is little as exhausting as a trip to Walt Disney World.

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Nov 04

Off to Disney

Off to Disney for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. I’m dealing with a professional conference on Sunday through Wednesday morning, but after that, it’s all Disney.
On Sunday, Nov 12 we’ll be attending an all-day course on Spanish wine. On Saturday, Nov 11, we’ll be attending the Party of the Senses, with over 80 chefs and wineries. Until that point, we’ll be attending complimentary wine & beer tastings and seminars and just generally enjoying ourselves.
Because vacation tends to put me in a blogging mood, I’ll try to blog my impressions. I’m usually pretty good about taking notes.

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