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Apr 18

Biodynamic Tasting II: The Atmosphere

Biodynamic Wines with Peter Koff, MW
The Party Source, Newport, KY
Friday, April 13, 6-8 pm

This is Part II: Atmosphere. If you want to know more about the wines and the information behind Biodynamics, refer to Part I: The Wines.

We’ve attended several sessions offered by the EQ team at The Party Source. Everyone is always really professional, yet pretty laid-back and fun. That’s one reason why we really enjoy the tastings at The Party Source.

This tasting had a completely different flavor to it from the time we walked in. We were escorted upstairs to the fine wine warehouse, which was set up with round tables and candlelight. It was actually a pretty nifty sight! We took a seat near (but not at) the back with our friend Drew. Shortly after the presentation started, a woman around our age, Angela, joined us at the table.

It wasn’t long before we realized we were at the "Kid’s Table," so to speak.

First off, there were a lot of Party Source employees at this tasting. Not just the regular employess, but the wine buyer and store owner were also there. At least one, if not more distributors, were there as well. At other tables were folks I didn’t recognize, but who were older and apparently "serious" about their wine.

We were the table that was having a fantastic time. Everyone else seemed nervous and overly serious. But isn’t wine supposed to be fun?

We listened to the entire introductory session on the history and concept of Biodynamics. We took a lot of notes and even asked some questions. When it came time to the actual wine tastings, we just approached it differently than everyone in the room. We discussed it amongst ourselves at the table. We compared how we each felt about and helped each other identify flavors. And we made some great jokes. We also got a lot of dirty looks. Not from Peter Koff, though. He seemed more amused by us than anything else.

I think the wine tasting was unintentionally formal. Peter Koff mentioned he preferred to walk around and visit each table, but he was confined to the front of the room due to a pair of crutches. Party Source employees populating a few tables seemed nervous to be hanging out at the same tasting as their boss(es). And the older folks? No excuse that I can think of. I think that if Peter could have wandered the room, there would have been more conversation and laughter, instead of the most consistent laughter being confined to our table.

At the end, Drew introduced himself to several people. We’ve got to take him more places. He announces he works at Pigall’s and he’s like a magnet. Every retailer and distributor wants to be loved by Jean-Robert de Cavel (our own celebrity chef in Cincinnati) and one guy from the restaurant is an "in." It was hilarious. I did get to catch up with a wine distributor I haven’t seen in a few months, and I also got to meet the lovely wine buyer from Party Source. (What a great job she has!)

A lot of the folks working the event told us that if they had the chance, they’d want to be enjoying the wines at our table.  We had a fantastic time, even if we accidentally annoyed
those around us. Along with all our laughing and joking, we discussed
each wine and many of our wine experiences. It was great! And that’s
what wine is about – not how stuffy you can be, but how it becomes a
part of an overall great evening.

Not only did I learn about biodynamic wines on Friday night, I also learned that it’s okay to sit at the kid’s table.

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One Response to “Biodynamic Tasting II: The Atmosphere”

  1. Dr. Debs says:

    Why do so many people forget the fun part? I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, and I bet all the nervous people wish they were sitting at your table, too.

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