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May 31

Ride the Magic Bus

MagicbusAdmittedly, this is only sort of wine related, but I thought it was worth posting. Covington is unveiling the Magic Bus tomorrow night, complete with a big party and a special Magic Bus cocktail.

But the party is not the story.

The story is the purpose of the bus. The Magic Bus will be in service every Friday and Saturday night from 7 pm until 1 am. The route winds it’s way up Mainstrasse and makes it way over to Madison, passing close to every possible bar and club in the area. It does not go down to the Waterfront, but does stop on 2nd and 3rd, so you could walk. (Do people still go to the Waterfront?)  There are 21 bus stops and cost for the Magic Bus is $1/ride.

It’s not just a normal bus either. It’s been painted in vivid colors by local artists and even has it’s own theme song written by Covington singer/songwriter Neil Blunt. You won’t be able to miss it, even if you’re toasted.

The party is Friday night from 5-6 pm at the Avenue Pub on Madison, complete with ice cream and cake.

Download Magic Bus Map & Flyer

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May 31

Wine News Round-Up

It’s a slow news week for events and such in Cincinnati, and I haven’t had any wine lately that is outstanding in one way or another, so here is a quick list of the silliness happening in the wine world outside of Cincinnati. It’s a slow week everywhere I think.

  • The concept of a code under the bottle cap has been taken to a new level by some marketers in France, desperately trying to compete with Australia. This time, you can match your code, at the bottom of your cheap wine bottle, to someone else’s code online and you may be a match made in heaven. Or drunkenness.
  • The EU has officially recognized Napa. This actually isn’t silly; it’s good. Now random wine producers in Europe can’t use the Napa name on the bottle unless the bottle actually contains at least 85% of Napa grapes. This is random trivia you can pull out of a hat at a dinner party, you know.
  • A new report states some obvious things. A minority of consumers listen to wine critics. Cult cabernets are really cultish – in other words, wine consumers stick with names they’ve heard of. Box wines are slowly catching on. Those are some of the things found in a report that probably cost a lot of money to put together. Heck, it costs $475 just to download.
  • St Helena has won another case in its 19-year war with the Wine Train. The Wine Train is officially not a public utility. Reading this, I almost feel guilty for riding the wine train on my very first trip to Napa. The thing is, I love old trains. I love wine. I stood on the back platform of the caboose with the wind in my hair and watched the vineyards go by – acres and acres of lovely green and rolling hills. It was heavenly. So I almost feel guilty, but not quite.
  • If you happen to have some extra money to spend, the e-Auction for Auction Napa Valley (that is, the end-all, be-all of wine auctions) is now open. These things aren’t cheap folks. There is a Franciscan lot listed at $5,600.00, and there are still 8 days to go.
  • Finally, true silliness. A New Zealand writer has taken the time to publish a tongue-in-cheek guide as to what wine to pair with what TV show. Enjoy!
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May 30

Frivolous but Fun

I realize this isn’t a quality post, but I just love the concept. I have no place in my home where I could possibly put this, but I really wish I did.

The British telephone box wine cabinet holds 24 bottles, has a pull-out drawer (for corkscrews and the like), an overhead rack for stemware, and an illuminated interior. It’s just too much fun!

Now if they only made it in the shape of a blue police box

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May 29

Taste of Cincinnati – In Review

On Monday we took the day and went to Taste of Cincinnati. Kevin wasn’t as impressed with the vendors this year, but I think it was better than ever. The festival was more spread out though  – from Race Street at Saks 5th Avenue all the way down to the P&G Gardens.  Previous festivals have been held on Central Parkway, a divided street that allowed for 4 rows of booths as opposed to 2.  While I appreciate the aesthetics of the new location, I understand that it was easier to see and get to things with the old setup. You could better plan your attack instead of constantly consulting a program guide.

BBQ Action Show
I really enjoyed the food. Kevin sort of binged on BBQ while I definitely binged on dessert. I’ve always said that dessert is the best part of the meal and at Taste, you can skip the entree entirely. I was impressed by the range of ethnic food available, including Thai, German, Indian, Hungarian, Italian, Lebanese, Greek, Chinese, and more. I was surprised by several big chains making an appearance, such as Buca di Beppo, Melting Pot, and Outback Steakhouse.

Here’s a rundown of what we managed to consume, none of which was overly healthy:

  • Bella Luna: Pizza fretto (fancy name for deep-fried pizza dough) and Torta di Pane (bread pudding)
  • Buca di Beppo: Mini cannolis
  • Burbank’s Real BBQ: Smoked turkey & berry salad
  • City BBQ: Pulled pork sandwich
  • Mecklenburg Gardens: Cream puff (um, great big giant cream puff)
  • Melting Pot: Strawberries & pound cake with chocolate fondue
  • Pit to Plate BBQ: Beef brisket sandwich, Hickory smoked pulled pork sandwich w/slaw
  • Beer: Moerlein Over-the-Rhine Ale, Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA, Spaten MaiBock, Woodchuck Amber Cider

That, my friends, was enough to keep us full into today! It’s worth mentioning that the best pulled pork BBQ I’ve ever tasted came from City BBQ. The Mecklenburg Gardens cream puff was to die for and the turkey & berry salad was excellent. The wine was bad enough it’s not worth mentioning. So we stuck with some mighty fine ales.

Read the rest of this entry »

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May 27

Tweet tweet

I finally broke down and now I have a Twitter account. Heck, I have 2 twitter accounts! As much as I try to evangelize Web 2.0 in my job, I avoided Twitter. See, I’ve never been a big fan of IM and Twitter seemed to me as annoying as IM. But then I started thinking about it a little more in relation to my wine blog.

My first account – shels
– is for wine notes only. Or at least that’s my goal. See, Twitter
seems like the perfect way to dash out a quick wine note on something
and share it, without wasting an entire post. It’s kinda cool for that
purpose. Also, it’s great if I’m in a restaurant – I can dash off a
Twitter note about the wine I’m drinking and send it right to my wine
blog. You can see my latest, um, twitterings (tweets?) over in the left sidebar of this blog.

I also have a personal Twitter account. That could be fun too, right? It’s writegirl. I decided that I just couldn’t let the two accounts cross, although my original plan was just one. We’ll see how that pans out. The writegirl twitters are displayed on my personal blog.

So if you’re twittering too, add me and/or myself to your friends. I’d love to tweet with you.

http://www.twitter.com/shels (wine)
http://www.twitter.com/writegirl (personal)

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