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Jul 26

She Came Down From Cincinnnati …

Shel and Kate at Buffett 2006
Fins to the left. Fins to the right.

I’m heading to the Jimmy Buffett concert for most of the day today. Jimmy Buffett is somewhat of a religion – probably more of a tropical cult – around these parts. Either you love him or hate him, but most Cincinnatians have made it to at least one Buffett concert in their lifetime. Most folks started out drunk on the lawn. But then there are the others, like me, who progressed into the covered Pavilion and realized there was a whole other show going on. Jimmy Buffett is one of the few concerts I’ve attended where the ages range from 12 – 80. There is no age restriction on Jimmy Buffett.

I admit to having most of Jimmy’s albums and books, and knowing the words to even the obscure songs. Did you know the term “Parrothead” was coined here in Cincinnati? I have a theory about Cincinnati’s love for Jimmy Buffett. We all want to escape somewhere tropical, breezy, and relaxing. Jimmy gives us that escape through his music, and that one elusive concert a year.

So I can tie this into the wine blog somehow, I’ll let you know what’s in my tailgating cooler: a box of Fisheye Pinot Grigio, a box of Killer Juice Cabernet, and a box of Cosmopolitans. The boxes seemed like the perfect option to set up along the end of the tailgate. We don’t have to worry about resealing or things going bad. What we don’t drink can easily be taken home. So there you go – boxed wine (and martinis) for tailgating. Of course, there will be margaritas at the concert as well. There must always be margaritas.

This is my 20th anniversary concert. No kidding. So have a margarita with me today. I’ll be tailgating, then singing and dancing my heart out.

(I’m the redhead in the photo by the way. The blonde is my best buddy Kate, who has attended a lot of the concerts with me.)

Photos from 2007 are now here.

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Jul 25

We’ve got Two Left Feet (Molly Dooker)

Two Left Feet
Molly Dooker, Australian slang for left hander, produces a selection of wines which were recommended to us by JP at Party Town. Molly Dooker is the label of Sarah and Sparky Marquis, winemakers for Australia’s popular Marquis Phillips. We picked up an assortment of the Molly Dooker offerings, and we started with Two Left Feet.

Molly Dooker Two Left Feet 2006
Red Blend: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot
South Australia
$18.99 @ Party Town

I can honestly say that we picked up this particular bottle not only on recommendation, but also because of the label. Michelle used to
be a serious ballroom dancer, so she had to have this wine, if only to save the label. Later we discovered that
Molly Dooker means left handed, and both Shel and I are left handed.
Obviously, we were meant to find the Molly Dooker. We heard great things
about the 2005 vintage, so we were pretty excited when we came across a
bit of the 2006 less than $20.

The wine was almost inky – very dark in color. The nose had some vanilla and spice. But it’s the taste you want to know about. I
found a lot of the expected spice on the initial taste gave way to a
very fruity finish with a large amount of dark berries. However, there was a very strong alcohol flavor throughout the wine.
Michelle is slightly more sensitive to the heaviness that might come
with a 16% AbV wine, but after enough scotch, bourbon, and tequila, I’ve grown to appreciate the occasional extra kick from a heftier beverage.
I would consider the obvious high alchohol the only detraction from an otherwise fantastic offering for the price point.

On day 2, the wine softened up a bit, but it still was a
bit heavier than I tend to prefer in a standalone wine. I think a nice
simple steak would compliment this wine very nicely as the food might
serve to help bring out a lot of the other flavors and downplay the alchohol.

We’re looking forward to trying the other Molly Dooker 2006 vintages we purchased over the next few weeks. As for Two Left Feet, I have no problem recommending this wine, but you can’t be afraid of a little a little bite. I recommend trying it with food or even storing it for a couple of years. This is a big wine, and a wonderful value that drinks much better than $18.99.
Our Rating:

To our readers: Do you have any recommendations on dealing with a high
alcohol wine? Would decanting or aging have helped diffuse the heaviness/alcohol flavors? Perhaps just food? Let us know what you think in the comments or via email.

– Kevin

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Jul 24

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming … For Aida


This is my last Opera-related interruption until next summer. I promise.

The Cincinnati Opera’s last show of the season is the classic, large-scale production of Aida. This Friday night after the show, the Opera is joining with Mayor Mallory and his YP Kitchen Cabinet/Arts Allies to present an after-party. The neat part is that the party is at Music Hall, starting at 11:30 pm and lasting until 1 am. If you’re really up for staying up late, there’s an After After-Party at the Below Zero Lounge that includes a free dessert with your Opera ticket.

The Music Hall Aida After Party is sponsored in part by the Opera Center Stage, a group of Young Professionals that you should really join.(More information on that here.) So we’ll all be there, partying with the cast, crew, hard-working employees of the Opera, and other Opera attendees like ourselves.

Aida stars soprano Lisa Daltrius, a gigantic cast, 2 African jungle cats, an eagle, and an amazing set. Mention "Arts Allies" for 10% off your show tickets when you call the box office at  513.241.2742. The after party includes Egyptian stylings, a cash bar, and appetizers. Admission to the party is $10 or free with your Aida ticket stub.

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Jul 20

Cincinnati Wine Events: 7/20 -7/26

CincyskylineWhere did July go? Just to meet my deadlines I need another week! Sheesh! But in the meantime there are a bunch of great tastings coming up. Make sure to check the upcoming events section. There are several fun tastings coming up, so you’ll want to make your reservations early.

We’ve got one new entry this week – Hyde Park Wine & Spirits is now offering monthly tastings on Friday nights. Also, The Wine List has a Meet the Winemaker event TONITE, with Vince Edwards from New Zealand’s tasty Villa Maria winery. Read our recent review of Villa Maria here. For some reason, it is also Italian Wine Weekend. No kidding! There are Italian wine tastings this weekend at Liquor Direct, Little Sonoma, The Wine CART, and The Party Source, as well as A Night in Tuscany at Nicola’s Ristorante.

Just an FYI, I have deadlines every Friday this month for the real world job (you know, the one that pays for all the wine!). That means a lot less blog posts in the month of July. I’ll always get these Friday posts up, but look for full-time blogging again come August. My apologies, but we must pay the bills here at My Wine Education with something besides freelance writing.) 

As usual, it’s a big list of events, so we’ve compiled it on one page for your reading pleasure. (For information on Dayton, you can refer to Mark’s blog at Uncorked.) If you know of tastings or events that we missed in the Cincinnati area, or if we have incorrect information, please email us and we’ll add it to the list.

You may note that the tastings in KY are mostly free, and the tastings in Ohio charge at least .25. It’s illegal for a retailer to give alcohol away in Ohio, so they charge you, but many times it’s a nominal fee.

Tell them we sent you, and happy tasting!

Map IconFriday Interactive Wine Tasting Map

Map IconSaturday Interactive Wine Tasting Map

You can also click the map icons in the detailed listings to view the maps. 


Download 0720.pdf (An easy-to-print PDF of all the events in this blog post)

Our Friday Cincinnati image is courtesy of Cincy Images.

Follow the "Continue reading" jump at the bottom for Friday – Thursday tastings. Upcoming events are listed at the end.


Read the rest of this entry »

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Jul 19

A Nutty Undercurrent

Some humor for your day, from Red & Rover.


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