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Jul 29

Restaurant: Seny Tapas

Last week was crazy. We had our own mini Restaurant Week, eating at Seny, Lavomatic, and Boi Na Braza. In between, we met up with the Cincinnati area bloggers at the wonderful Mercantile Library. It was a great meet-up, and better described in other blogs than mine.

Tuesday night I met fellow blogger Julie at Seny, in East Walnut Hills. Years ago, I lived in East Walnut Hills. I was obviously ahead of my time; since then, the area has been turned on its ear and completely rehabbed. I was blown away. Seny is located right on deSales Corner, across from St. Francis deSales Church.

Seny (pronounced Sen) is a true tapas bar, with small portions. The trick in a tapas bar is to order several different dishes and split them. I’m a terribly picky eater (which is why, folks, I write about alcohol and not food for the most part), but I had no problems with the Seny menu.

For wine, I opted for atypical. It was a warm summer’s day and truly, I
just don’t always want wine. I started with a Portugese Broadbent vinho verde. If you haven’t had a vinho verde, run out to Liquor Direct and
pick up a bottle of Gazela for $5. It’s like drinking Sprite, but
lighter. In fact, I highly recommend it with a tiny bit of ice and a
lime. My second glass was a white sangria, loaded with apples and other
fruits. Both drinks were light and refreshing. Seny had a nice wine list, with some approachable Spanish wines. The markup was about standard for an upscale restaurant, with a bottle of Nora coming in at around $30 (retail $12-15).  The glaring omission from the wine list, in my opinion, were the wines from Valeta. But I’m a bit partial to those.

Julie and I ordered four dishes: a charcuterie plate, a cheese plate, potatas bravas, and pollo.


The charcuterie plate included several wonderful types of chorizo, loma, serrano, a gherkin, and a caper bud. The potatas bravas was similar to breakfast potatos with a wonderful dressing. In fact, I suspect that if I knew what was in the dressing, I wouldn’t have eaten it. For me it’s often best to be blissful but ignorant when it comes to food. The pollo was a slightly spicy chicken on a bed of Spanish rice. Finally, the cheese plate included about 5 different types of cheese, including one of my favorites – drunken goat.

My favorite part of any meal, cocktails excluded, is dessert. For this meal, we ordered the avocado mousse over basque cream with fresh berries, as well as the flamed peach wtih berry compote, puff pastry, and vanilla ice. Our waiter told us that the avocado mousse was their most popular dessert. It was excellent, and I say that with a slight bias against avocados in general. As a mousse, with basque creame, it was amazing. However, the winning dessert for me was the flamed peach with the puff pastry. Pure heaven.


One of the things on which I tend to judge restaurants, and their service, is how they handle my rather deadly nut allergy. For me, it is often the deciding factor on whether I’ll return. The cheese plate was the only time I ran into the
possibility of nuts. It didn’t even phase our
waiter to separate out the nuts and deliver them to Julie on a separate
plate. I wish it was always that easy. Overall, we had excellent service and a friendly waiter who was, I think, slightly amused by us.

The point of this dinner was to discuss a joint podcast between Julie and myself, where she handles the food and I handle the wine. Now all we need to do is find a sponsor, and a way to record it. Any volunteers or ideas on that front are much appreciated.

My review of Seny:

Seny on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to “Restaurant: Seny Tapas”

  1. lauren says:

    I LOVE Seny. Easily my favorite restaurant in town. If you like calamri, I highly suggest ordering it the next time you are there. It is served thick-cut, almost like a steak fry. With the patatas bravas, it is the perfect fish-and-chips.

  2. Kelly says:

    I read that an easy way to record podcasts (especially if the hosts are in separate locations) is to use Skype, which lets you record conversations. To get a really clear audio, each person records, and then you sync up the audio files.
    Looking forward to hearing it!

  3. Chad Edward says:

    Those patatas need a bit more bravas, don’t they? I tried Seny last year just after it opened and wasn’t clamoring for more. Maybe I should try it again?
    I thought the house cured beef carpaccio and traditional tortilla were the best dishes; but, I see the tortilla was removed from the current menu.

  4. Michelle says:

    Chad – you should try Seny again. Whenever I’m unimpressed by a restaurant, I always make sure to try it twice before writing it off (most of the time). But especially after a restaurant opens – the kitchen staff are usually still trying to get their feet and figure out how to work together. I’d give it another chance.

  5. Kelli says:

    This blog is fantastic.

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