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Jul 09

S is for Summer – and Spain, Sherry, Saurus and Schroeder (and Wine Blogging Wednesday!)

S is for Wine Blogging Wednesday.

That’s the fun theme for this month’s group outing, brought to you by the fun folks at Grape Juice and the Letter S.

We started a little early, on Monday night, with some Sherry from Spain, and finished up on Tuesday evening with a Saurus Malbec from Familia Schroeder, paired with some Steak for good measure.

Bodega Familia Schroeder Saurus Malbec, Patagonia Select, 2004
San Patricio del Chanar, Neuquen, Argentina, Retail $17

We bought this wine in Walt Disney World. We were at the EPCOT Wine & Food Festival (a purely adult entertainment by the way) in November 2006. We had attended the Festival of the Senses, which is an amazing Disney adult party surrounded on all sides – and in the middle – by Cirque du Soleil. It was wonderful and odd in my memory. I met the winemaker for Bodega Familia Schroeder. At some point, I was assured that I couldn’t possibly buy this wine in Kentucky, which explains why I paid most likely too much at the EPCOT Festival Wine Store. I bet it’s cheaper than $17 in Ohio, but maybe not. It’s a damn good wine.

It was a weird and wonderful night, that night at the Festival of the Senses. But I remember the winemaker telling me that when the winery was built, they unearthed the fossils of one of the largest dinosaurs on earth. Obviously, this inspired the name of their wines – Saurus. Of course, I add in a Disney element and picture a big happy dinosaur, a la Land Before Time, toting around a bottle of wine. When I heard "Sponsored by the Letter S" for this WBW outing this Saurus wine came to my mind before any other.

This wine was handpicked, and 40% of the juice spent its time in French oak for 12 mos before blending in with the rest. It paid off. The wine is smoky, without a lot of overpowering oak. That said, it’s still a very new world style wine, with big fruit and big alcohol.

I have a built-in hot "high-alcohol" detector. Over 12% and I usually don’t like the wines. However, most of those wines are poorly balanced. This particular wine came in at 14% and while I felt the alcohol’s effect, I certainly didn’t feel the wine was hot or unbalanced. The wine also brought in a large amount of plum, berry, and spice, complimented by leather.

We enjoyed this wine with a very tradition Steak dinner, seasoned simply with Salt, pepper, and garlic, as well as your traditional Steak dinner sides. The Steak brought out the fruit in the wine and the wine brought out the simple seaonsing in the Steak. It was a simple but perfect pairing. Our rating for this wine:

Bodegas Pedro Romero Cream Sherry
Full Sweet, DO Jerez

I love Sherry. I think it’s because it’s fortified, and it reminds me so much of brandy. I love brandy. So you see the connection. This particular Sherry we happened to have sitting around. I think we might have picked it up at Bigg’s or Kroger. In other words, it’s a run-of-the-mill Sherry that’s easy to find. That said, you can’t always discount run of the mill. It’s a nice, easy drinking Sherry, although like any of its kind, it’s high in alcohol, coming in at 18% AbV. Eat before you drink this wine – save this Sherry for dessert.

The Pedro Romero Cream Sherry has nice flavors of caramel and raisins, with what I like to call burnt marshmallows on the nose. I like burnt marshmallows, so don’t read anything negative into that. We give the Sherry a because it’s a common bottle, but it’s still easy to enjoy.

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3 Responses to “S is for Summer – and Spain, Sherry, Saurus and Schroeder (and Wine Blogging Wednesday!)”

  1. Dale Cruse says:

    I’m attending an Argentinian wine tasting this month and will keep this one in mind. Thanks!
    I wrote about a California cult wine called the Scholium Project that assaulted my mouth with fruit and salt!

  2. nefw2@yahoo.com says:

    You said: “In other words, it’s a run-of-the-mill Sherry that’s easy to find. ”
    I’m not exactly sure that it’s entirely run of the mill, as that puts in in the same league as Harvey’s Bristol Cream and the like. This is actually a serious sherry – it’s made and aged in the solera properly. The reason it’s cheap is that the bodega has had the property for many many years, the costs in the area are rather low, and there is little demand for sherry because most people outside of Spain don’t know how good it can be.
    But you have good taste – Parker has said that the entire line of sherries from Pedro Romero “merits serious consideration”. It’s one of the best value lines in sherry.
    Try some more!! All the best.

  3. leerk18 says:

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