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Apr 16

Krug Tasting at Morton’s

Last week, Kevin and I were given a special treat as we attended a media preview (complimentary) of the upcoming Charles Krug Wine Dinner at Morton’s. We got to try sample portions of each course, as well as comparable wines.  Additionally, Morton’s arranged a virtual tweetup with Krug winemaker Peter Mondavi Jr.

The real wine dinner occurs next Wednesday night, April 21, and benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Cost is $150 per person (reservations). Peter Mondavi, Jr, will be live and in person for the event, which culminates in a live auction for a beautiful, specially commissioned 27 liter bottle of Charles Krug Vintage Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, 2002. This bottle – weighing approximately 100 pounds, measuring three feet in circumference and filled with the equivalent of 36 standard bottles of wine or 180 glasses of wine – will be on display at Morton’s through the evening of the wine dinner.

I’m not a food blogger, nor will I pretend to be. While I loved some of what we had, much of it ended up on Kevin’s plate due to my absolute pickiness. But I did enjoy the wine and can tell you (with a little bit of help from Kevin), that everything paired perfectly. Again, the wines we had are not necessarily the wines that will be served on Wednesday night, but they are comparable.

Charles Krug Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2007: Filled with pears, apricots, and grapefruit; high in acid (very citrusy), and cut nicely through the seafood.

Charles Krug Carneros Chardonnay 2007: On its own, without food, I found this to be buttery and heavy. However, it paired wonderfully with the salad, which lightened it up considerably.

2004 Charles Krug Vintage Select Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine was paired with a filet, mashed potatoes, and a spinach-stuffed roasted tomato. I found a lot of roses and dark cherries on the nose. It was tannic, but it helped to clear the palate and paired perfectly with the roasted tomatoes, balancing out their acid.

It’s worth noting that we had a 2004, but the night of the wine dinner, participants will enjoy wines from the 1994, 1995, and 1996 vintage.

Charles Krug Zinfandel Port: We took this port and paired it with various fruits and cheeses. The port was a lot more tart when paired with raspberries, for instance, but strawberries added an additional sweetness. Kevin and I both favored the port with the cheeses, in particular the Gouda, which brought out the raspberry in the port itself.

Interested in our Twitter conversation with Peter Mondavi, Jr? I captured it all and you can view the entire tweet chat after the jump.

Reserve your dinner spot online or call Morton’s at (513) 621-3111.

Twitter Feed from the Morton’s Blogger Preview

I pulled this feed from the wonderful WTHashtag. So here you go … the tweets to Peter Mondavi, Jr (winemaker at Krug) from Morton’s. Many of us submitted questions ahead of time. I submitted the questions in bold (answers are also in bold).

Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q1. What is the role of the cork vs. the screw cap? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A1 Twist-offs reliable! Protects fresh, young aspects of wine. Doing test w my favorite sauv blanc! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q2. Do different corks affect the taste/smell of the wine? How? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A2 Cork natural-there?s variability-quality contrl 2 ensure beaut flavors in our wines are protected. #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q3. What are the key differences between California and Washington wines? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A3 All about terroir-recognize which grapes grow best. WA being proven great place 2 make merlot, 4 exmpl. #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q4. How do harvesting times/seasons differ between varietals? Do planting times differ, too? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons @mortons_cinci A4 Whites come in 1st. Our sauv blanc harvest begins mid-August. Cab Sauv harvest can go thru end Oct. #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q5. What are some differences one can expect when comparing Californian, French, Australian wines? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons @mortons_cinci A5 New World tend 2 B more obviously fruity-Old World (French) R earthier and often more subtle. #mortons
charleskrugwine: @Mortons All in Napa Valley; Yountville, Carneros, St. Helena, Howell Mountain. Come visit sometime! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q6. In your opinion, what wine/varietal is most underappreciated or overlooked? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A6 Personally? Sauv blanc can B distinctive like R newly released 2009?tropical fruit, lemon-lime, pear! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q7. What wines do you recommend most for novice drinkers? How can ?newbies? expand their palates? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons @mortons_cinci A7 Start with lghtr less oaky whites. In reds, less tannic like pinot noir & zinfandel. Compare! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q8. What white wines do you recommend for pairing with steak? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A8 Prefer CAB with steak, but I?d probably go for an oakier, more robust chardonnay if I chose a white. #mortons
charleskrugwine: @Mortons Yes, 8 mos. Newly released ’08 on oak for 10 mos. It’s superb! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q9. Which glass tastes best ? first glass, middle or last glass of the bottle? Or does it matter? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A9 1st glass tastes best, last probably becomes slightly desensitized to the wine?s great nuances. #mortons
charleskrugwine: @Mortons @mortons_cinci of course, always depends on the wine! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q10. What subtleties will we taste in the Vintage Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 95, 98 & 06 we?re trying in Cincy? #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q11. In what direction you intend to take the winery now that there is a new dynamic due to the recession? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A11 Staying on course 2 Bcome great Napa producer Bordeaux reds tho’ may take longer than orgnl plans! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q12. Do you intend to launch any new labels? #mortons
@charleskrugwine:@mortons @mortons_cinci A12 Always a topic under discussion. We are considering a sister label. #mortons
Mortons @charleskrugwine Q13. What can fans of the Charles Krug label expect to see from you in the future?
charleskrugwine: @mortons_cinci A13 100% estate-grown grapes-all wines. Almost there-Goal to staying winery healthy & 100% family-owned #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q14. What?s your favorite Charles Krug wine? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons @mortons_cinci A14 Depends on many things-weather, mood, season and of course, what I?m eating! … #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons @mortons_cinci Re:Q 14 All our wines are food friendly and pair with any menu! #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Q15. What redevelopment is taking place at the Charles Krug winery right now? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @mortons A15 Big-Krug?s original Redwood Cellar-Creating premier barrel room & winemaking space for all Resv wines. #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Traditional wine mking is @ the heart of Krug Winery. Are there “non-trad’l” elements that you are exploring? #mortons
charleskrugwine: @Mortons_Cinci Our Sauv Blanc is stainless steel fermented, no oak for one. Our Generations blend is ever evolving #mortons
Mortons: @charleskrugwine Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us tonight. We enjoyed the conversation. #mortons
charleskrugwine: @Mortons Enjoyed tweeting with you all this evening. Hope you enjoy some Charles Krug wines soon.

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