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Nov 15

GIVEAWAY #2: Blood Into Wine AND Chef In the Vineyard

This time, I’m giving away a DVD  and a fancy cookbook filled with gorgeous photos. You can win a copy of Blood Into Wine AND a copy of Chef in the Vineyard: Fresh & Simple Recipes from the Great Wine Estates by John Sarich.

What do you have to do to win this time? Well, I need some ideas.

My sister passed away in 2007 from an undiagnosed congenital heart defect. You can read all about it at the web site for the scholarship fund we’re trying to establish in her name. We have until the end of January 2011 to pull in $2500.00 more dollars, or all the money we’ve raised so far just goes into the general scholarship fund. We don’t want that – we want a memorial scholarship fund in Krystal’s memory. So, we’re $2500 short, we’re quickly running out of time, and the initial committee has burnt out and fallen apart. Assume that I’ll be trying to organize this on my own.

I’m panicking. I need ideas on how to raise that $2500 by the end of January. I can’t just have a fundraising event or silent auction. Having done that, I can tell you I would need a several months to pull that together. But if you have any other ideas on how to quickly raise this money so that all of our previous work isn’t for naught, I need you to put that into the comments section.

So, here are the rules for this go-round:

Enter a comment with an idea (a serious idea, not a joke) of how we can quickly raise $2500 for the scholarship fund.

I’ll leave the comments section open through 11:55 pm EST, Saturday, Nov 20. Any comments entered after that point (in case I’m not awake to close the comments) will not be entered in the contest. On Sunday, Nov 21, I’ll use Random.org to select the number of the winning comment. It will be totally random and is only valid if the winner meets the following conditions:

1. You leave an actual comment on this post and do NOT email me. I’m literally buried in email I haven’t answered from months ago. That’s how many emails I get. I know you folks prefer to email rather than comment, but I need you to use the comments section, okay?

2. When you fill out the comment form, please leave a valid name in the correct field, not a user name. Please don’t make me send an email to wineloverboy2506 or some such thing. I won’t do it. I’d much rather email Dear Emily, You won!

3. When you fill out the comment form, you must include a valid email address that you actually check. I’ll post the name and comment number of the winner on Sunday, but I still need to contact you to negotiate a way to get this DVD to you.

4. Just a reminder about our Comments policy – in particular, the part about being excellent to each other. If I think you’re being rude to another commenter, I will delete you.

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6 Responses to “GIVEAWAY #2: Blood Into Wine AND Chef In the Vineyard”

  1. Seagal says:

    I don’t know if these will be useful at all but here are a few things we do at our fundraisers. You might need an event to gather people for these to work but it’s a shot:

    Raffle off services. For example, a chef friend of mine was raffled off to go to someone’s house and cook or teach them how to cook.

    Ask industry friend for donations to sell (I could probably get a basket donated).

    Split the pot. Ok, you really need an event to gather people and have this work but it’s so easy to manage and everyone likes to win money back.

    They probably won’t be very helpful but I will think on it further.

  2. Kate Ohlander says:

    My first thought was a car wash, but it’s too cold for that now. With the holiday season fast approaching, maybe everyone could help by volunteering time at a gift wrap station, pictures with Santa, or something along those lines where the pay goes into the scholarship fund. I had also thought about a pancake breakfast at the school, but that might take too much time to organize.

  3. Tracy says:

    Have you considered efundraising.com ? I have looked at several options through their site for Lindsey’s campaign. I doubt any one program would net what you need before the deadline, but you may consider multiple programs. We had great success with the magazine drive and it literally took just a few minutes to manage. The restaurant card program (I think online avoids cash up front issues)would likely do well this time of year too. Good luck!

  4. Kate Ohlander says:

    Got your message, and I see your problem. And, yes, Nick did get the postcards…he was very happy.

    I like the efundraising.com option. Great suggestion, Tracy!

    What about something as simple as donation boxes left at a business counter? Maybe some of the wine store friends might be willing to leave a donation jar? Certain restaurants might, and it would be easy to have a jar or two set up at the school, too. Would at least one family member be willing to go around once a week to collect the funds?

  5. Holly says:

    Of course my first thought was a wine tasting, but I see on the site that you’ve been there and done that. Two nickel and dime methods that may add up in time: Kroger Community Rewards or Paper Retriever recycling.



  6. Christa says:

    E-fundraising works… been there, seen that. A couple of small things that may help that are convenience based:
    Create a paypal account so that people can use credit/ debit cards to help and it is low committment for them.
    Create a facebook event to generate awareness and knowledge and link.

    Rather than a wine tasting, throw a shindig with admission being wine bottles (combined with donotations from the industry folk out there). Charge a flate $10 for bottles, some being a steal of a deal others being just at value.

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