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Oct 07

Moving on to Bigger Things

No, not me. I’m staying right here in Cincinnati, with an occasional jaunt elsewhere. But we are losing one of my favorite sommeliers in the area.

Bretton Lammi, sommelier at Eddie Merlot’s, is heading to Las Vegas at the end of the month. Bretton is amazingly knowledgeable about wine and I just know he’ll be fabulous as the Head Sommelier at the new Cosmopolitan Hotel on the Strip in Las Vegas. The Cosmopolitan opens on December 15, so Bretton is busy packing up his life right now to transport it across the country. But he’ll still be at Eddie Merlot’s until October 22, so go sample their great wine list while he’s still in town.

Bretton will be busy at The Cosmopolitan. It looks like the hotel-casino will be home to 12 restaurants, of which one is D.O.C.G., a wine bar focusing on Italian cuisine and wines. There are also four bars and lounges in The Cosmopolitan, two of which really appeal to me. The Chandelier apparently has three different bars within its borders, each with a slightly different (yet classy) theme, and Vesper is apparently a place for vintage cocktails. Yum. Those are just the named bars. Being a Vegas casino, I can only assume that there are a multitude of smaller bar locations spread across the casino floor.

I’m heading to Las Vegas in January for CES. While I can’t afford to stay at Bretton’s amazing new hotel, I will certainly find time to grab a drink and say hello. Cheers, Bretton … congratulations and best of luck! We’ll miss you here in Cincinnati!

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Oct 01

News Bites: Tino Vino Update & La Poste Opening

Tino Vino Update

James Pilcher, with the Cincinnati Enquirer, wrote a comprehensive story covering the Tino Vino debacle. I talked to him yesterday and I have to say, there’s something for having the power of Gannett behind you. It means people talk.

Apparently Lindsay is trying to extricate herself from her marriage and a lot of troubles have come out of that and the ORP connection. She blamed the landlord and missed her eviction hearing because she didn’t know about it. I’m not really buying that, however. Howard Ain and John Matarese both reported on that hearing over a week ago.

I still hold that the wine that’s been in there, in not-temperature-controlled conditions, isn’t in very good shape. You never know, and your bottles might be better off than anything in tanks and barrels, but be forewarned.

It sounds as if you have about seven days in which to retrieve your wine. If you’re determined, then perhaps a call to Teko Land Group (the landlord) might be in order.

Again, if I hear anything further, I’ll let you know. James may also end up with a follow-up piece, so watch the Enquirer / Cincinnati.com as well.

La Poste Opening on Monday

On to much more pleasant news! La Poste, the new eatery located in the old Tink’s, is opening for dinner on Monday. You can already find them on OpenTable and folks, reservations are filling up fast. La Poste is owned by sommelier Bryant Phillips and his wife Kelly Lough, former wine rep/wine store owner Jens Rosencrantz, and the wonderful Chef Dave Taylor. I can’t wait to try the place!

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Aug 19

Maynard James Keenan’s Wine Club

There are folks I know who are positively obsessed with Maynard James Keenan. Me? I’m not all that familiar with this music, but I do appreciate his wine. I’ve also interviewed him and can tell you, he’s as passionate about the wine as he is about the music. Now the guy behind Arizona Stronghold, Caduceus Cellars, and Merkin Vineyard is announcing a wine club called the Velvet Slippers Club.

The Velvet Slippers Club will  feature three tiers of membership ranging from the vineyard’s more well known varietals to an elite package featuring small production runs, features quarterly shipments of three bottles and exclusive merchandise from the boutique winery.  Membership also includes exclusive invitations and complimentary tastings at Caduceus’ Jerome, Ariz. tasting room.

A one-time membership fee of $75 nets you a Caduceus Cellars and Merkin Vineyard corkscrew as well as (hold on to your hats, girls) an autographed poster. The low-end tier averages $70-$150 per shipment; the middle tier runs $120-$200 per shipment; the high-end costs $200-$250 per shipment. Those prices do not include tax and shipping. You’ll receive four shipments each year, weather permitting arriving mid-month every February, May, September, and November. Each package will contain three bottles of the winemaker’s selections, winemaker’s notes, and their seasonal newsletter.

The Velvet Slippers Club is a critical step towards establishing and sustaining our small family owned and operated estate winery,” says Keenan. “Along with maintaining the integrity of our established wines, it will allow us to spend time with single barrel offerings of blends, block specific varietals, and happy accidents by providing an appreciative audience. We couldn’t have come this far without your support. This is our way of saying thank you.”

It’s expensive, but I’m considering signing up for the low or middle tier. We’ve purchased his wine before and it was excellent. The wine club can, indeed, ship to Ohio, so count your blessings. Other lucky states include Arizona, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri,Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Not on the list are Kentucky and Indiana. Time to find an Ohio shipping address, I guess. In my experience, shipping costs vary by state, and Ohio’s wine shipping costs can be obnoxious. Be prepared.

Additionally, the excellent documentary Blood Into Wine will be released on DVD on Sept 6, if you’re interested in seeing exactly how a winery comes together in Arizona.

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Aug 05

Twitter Wine

Do you tweet?

I tweet. You can find me under my professional moniker of @writetechnology. I’ve been tweeting since the very beginning (I have Early Adopter Syndrome). Lately my tweets have been sparse, as I’ve been putting together a failing class reunion (failing!) and all my attention has been on Facebook. Apparently I don’t do well at handling both at the same time when one is full throttle.

That said, as soon as this reunion business is over, I’m taking a much needed break from my personal Facebook page (and seriously thinning my friends list), and heading back to Twitter. It was always my first love anyway.

Earlier in the year, Twitter announced that they are working with CrushPad to create a Twitter-branded wine called Fledgling. I have my own suspicions as to why they decided to do this, based in part on the wine leanings of a now-former employee of Twitter. Regardless of why they did it, proceeds from the wine go to charity.

Crushpad is a cool place. Located in Napa, they provide grapes from both California and French vineyards. They also give you a wine maker and associated team and a complete winery that focuses on small lots of wine. Crushpad provides grapes from top California and Bordeaux vineyards, an industry-acclaimed wine making team, and a state-of-the-art winery 100% focused on making wine in small lots. It’s a brilliant idea, making it possible (and affordable) for people like you and me  – or more likely a group of people like you and me – to create their own wine and label. It’s not a one-bottle-at-a-time thing. It’s your own winery.

As for the Twitter wine, for each bottle that you purchase, $5 goes to help Room to Read, a children’s literacy organization that works worldwide. Fledgling sales, in particular, will help promote literacy in Uttarakhand, India.

Both a Pinot Noir and a Chardonnay are available. I pre-ordered a bottle of the Pinot Noir. Bottles cost $20, but shipping (at least to Ohio, where I imagine they are pulling strings and working around the system) is a whopping $20 as well. Because I really wanted to try this wine – and I wouldn’t expect a charity wine to provide press samples – I went ahead and ordered it in spite of the shipping charge.

Okay, so Twitter announced this months ago. Why am I bringing it up now? They’re bottling on August 25 and shipping out soon after. Go order your bottle of Fledgling and support a great cause. And of course, you can tweet about it later! 😉

Follow Fledgling Wine on Twitter (of course).

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Aug 04

As a Nation, We’re Getting Drunker

For 71 years, Gallup has been tracking the number of Americans who say they drink alcohol. The latest poll results were released the other day and currently 67% of US adults say they drink alcohol. This is a slight increase over last year and apparently the highest recorded since 1985.

Favorite beverage? Sorry wine folks. Beer is apparently the #1 choice, followed by wine and then liquor. Interestingly, wine was the #1 choice in 2005. I blame the recession – beer is, after all, “recession champagne.” Wine still wins a little, as the #1 beverage choice among women and older Americans. Guys, younger drinkers, and (here you go), those in the midwest still prefer beer – just like the marketing tells us.

There are some other interesting tidbits thrown into the mix, including that those who seldom or ever attend church are more likely to say they drink in comparison to those who don’t get up early on Sundays. Additionally, those with no religious identity, Catholics, and non-Christians are more likely to drink than Protestants. Huh.

Finally, the report lets us know that the recession may not be the reason for the increase in drinking. Of poll respondents who earn less than $20,000 per year, 46% say they drink. However, 81% of those who earn $75,000 or more say they drink.

View the Gallup results and survey methods (pdf).

Image from Gallup

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