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Apr 16

Tryvertising and Wine

One of the awesome things about Twitter is that it’s a great link-sharing tool. Kevin, from Strategic Public Relations, found this awesome tidbit and immediately shared it on Twitter. Now I’m bringing it to you.

In Paris, you can now sample wine as you might sample perfume. In fact, the packaging is eerily similar. The trend of letting a consumer try-before-they-buy is called Tryvertising (the Apple Store is a giant example of this), and why shouldn’t it be applied to wine?

In spirit, it’s no different than attending a free tasting in a wine shop. I’ve also read of other wine shops where you can purchase samples from fancy machines, which is a great way to try that wine you could never afford to purchase. These tube-shaped bottles, because they factor in the look and feel of packaging, take the concept to a whole new level.

WineSide offers both sweet and classic wines in patented, flat-base
glass tubes with screw tops carefully engineered to protect the wines’
flavour. The sweet wines—which include Sauternes and Muscat, for
example—are available in 6cl tubes, while the Pomerol, Chateau Neuf du
Pape and other classic wines can be purchased in 6cl or 10cl sizes.
WineSide’s collection represents a range of appellations and producers;
tubes are available individually or by the box, which can be chosen to
provide an introduction to a variety, year or region. Kicking off
retail sales, the products are available exclusively at Colette in Paris this month.

I rather like this as something I could take home with me, try it when I want, and return later to purchase a bottle. If I were a large conglomerate, such as Constellation Group, I’d jump on this to market many of my wines, across wineries, at one time.

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Nov 08

Show Us Your Rack

Tomorrow (Friday, Nov 9) is Show Us Your Rack day in the wine blogging world.

Wine rack

Take that as you will, but what it really means is show us your wine rack. This is the brainchild of my friend Lenn over at LennDevours. It’s also one of the first things to make me smile in weeks. What a great title! So along with our weekly listing of events, I’ll also be showing you my rack, er, racks tomorrow.

I’ll be posting multiple photos:

  • Our family room bar area with 3 wine refrigerators of the small and smaller variety. There are also several cases sitting around this area. This may require 2 photos.
  • Our "green" ecofriendly dining room rack, where the wines that don’t fit in the wine fridges live.
  • Our two overflow racks in the living room where wines that don’t fit in the dining room live.
  • Our dining room hutch, where dessert wines live.

Yeah, we have too much wine.

You can read more about Show Us Your Rack Day here. Photos will be posted to this Flickr group. So join us, and show us your rack!

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Oct 02

Introducing Wine-Girl Mobile

Before the iPhone, I was toting around a Blackberry. I was always accessing my favorite sites from my phone, using the slow but passable EDGE network. It’s the same with the iPhone – when there’s no wi-fi around, I use EDGE. So I’m always happy when I can access my favorite sites in a mobile version.

WinkSite will "mobilize" a blog RSS feed and publish it as a mobile "site." So it’s nothing fancy – just an RSS made pretty. You lose all the fun things in the side columns and any images, but content is king and that’s what you get.

Wine-Girl mobile is available here. Bookmark http://winegirl.mobi in your mobile browser.

(You can also visit my Write Technology (you know, the day job) mobile site at http://writetech.mobi, built using MobiSiteGalore for the site and Winksite for the blog.)

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May 27

Tweet tweet

I finally broke down and now I have a Twitter account. Heck, I have 2 twitter accounts! As much as I try to evangelize Web 2.0 in my job, I avoided Twitter. See, I’ve never been a big fan of IM and Twitter seemed to me as annoying as IM. But then I started thinking about it a little more in relation to my wine blog.

My first account – shels
– is for wine notes only. Or at least that’s my goal. See, Twitter
seems like the perfect way to dash out a quick wine note on something
and share it, without wasting an entire post. It’s kinda cool for that
purpose. Also, it’s great if I’m in a restaurant – I can dash off a
Twitter note about the wine I’m drinking and send it right to my wine
blog. You can see my latest, um, twitterings (tweets?) over in the left sidebar of this blog.

I also have a personal Twitter account. That could be fun too, right? It’s writegirl. I decided that I just couldn’t let the two accounts cross, although my original plan was just one. We’ll see how that pans out. The writegirl twitters are displayed on my personal blog.

So if you’re twittering too, add me and/or myself to your friends. I’d love to tweet with you.

http://www.twitter.com/shels (wine)
http://www.twitter.com/writegirl (personal)

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May 16

Wine 2.0: WLTV and Cork’d

The news broke on Tuesday – Gary Vaynerchuk of the much-lauded Wine Library TV has purchased Cork’d, which I wrote about back in May of 2006.

I could go into all of it here, but why? Everyone else has already covered.

I think it’s a great idea, and I understand the reasoning behind the purchase.

My biggest problem with Cork’d is the lack of Help. Remember, I write Help files for a living. I expect all software – even web-based and intuitive software – to include basic Help. For me, a FAQ is not enough.  For instance, I cannot figure out how to import information from another database (such as CellarTracker) into Cork’d. I have hundreds of wines and notes elsewhere and I don’t really want to retype them. Apparently this is one of the features being improved (added?) with the purchase. If anyone discovers HOW to do this, let me know.

That said, I’ve always loved the concept behind Cork’d, including the look, feel, and use of tagging.

This is a good fit as far as acquisitions go. Go read about it!

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